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Better Digital Ecosystems

A NotConf about Digital Revolution

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March 2024

the Conference

Spin up the digital revolution

An unconventional event designed to foster collaboration, networking, and creativity in a more informal and interactive environment.

This unique atmosphere allows for a rich exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge among attendees who come from a wide array of backgrounds and expertise levels.

By uniting professionals, experts, teachers, researchers, consultants, and learners, the event creates a fertile ground for cross-disciplinary learning that enriches the understanding of all participants.

Moreover, networking opportunities abound, as attendees can forge connections with professionals from other industries or areas of expertise, opening doors for future collaborations, job opportunities, and mentorship.

The notConf emphasizes inclusivity and accessibility, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where open dialogue, constructive feedback, and a positive learning experience are nurtured.

In such an environment, innovation and problem-solving flourish, as attendees can collaborate with others who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table.

The conference’s structure can be broken down into several key components: frontal and interactive talks, collaborative workshops, networking opportunities.

5 Perspectives

Explore Digital Ecosystems from five different perspectives

The Digital Revolution generates an ecosystem (of products and services) where the user lives his experience harmoniously within different areas. In this ecosystem applications are created by composition (Composite Application Context) of existing parts, allowing rapid integration with all internal and external processes of the company.

It is a new organizational design of the company to integrate all parts, offices, departments. In our vision the Digital Revolution enables the creation of in-organization (IN-O) and cross-organization(XO) applications.

Digital ecosystems are complex and constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovations, new organizational models, changes on regulatory and interactions practices.

For that reason digital ecosystems will be tackled from five different perspectives.


Main topic



Perspective 1 / 5


How technology supports the creation of a digital ecosystems.

This perspective focuses on the technical infrastructure, protocols, and standards that underpin the ecosystem, and how they enable communication and data exchange between different systems.

Perspective 2 / 5


The digital revolution brings changes to the organization.

In an ecosystem a company operates within a network of interconnected digital systems and technology-enabled organizations. This implies a new organizational design, new business processes, a different customer engagement and new internal communication and collaboration models.

Perspective 3 / 5


Data, information to understand user business needs, behaviors, feedbacks in an composed environment.

UX metrics, Market Research, Features prioritization alongside with feature prioritization are the building blocks of a data centered digital ecosystem.

Perspective 4 / 5


Digital ecosystems are built on collections of digital products and services that are tailored to meet specific needs and preferences.

Creating a product in a digital ecosystem requires a different data-driven methodology that involves understanding customer and user needs in the ecosystem, designing and testing digital products between different contexts.

Perspective 5 / 5


A digital product is not a single-service used by a single type of users in an isolated context.

Because a digital product “lives” in a different environment, we must change the revenue model, contracts, the rules for the partnership with other actors of the ecosystem.


We are
Agile Reloaded

Better Digital Ecosystems is an event organized by Agile Reloaded

Agile Reloaded was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced professionals from the Italian agile community. We are a multidisciplinary team that can guide you towards business agility by coaching, consulting and tranining to meet your needs.



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