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Why and what is the Non-conference or notConf

The NotConf, or Non-conference, is an unconventional event designed to foster collaboration, networking, and creativity in a more informal and interactive environment. The conference’s structure can be broken down into several key components: By incorporating various formats and activities, the Non-conference ensures that attendees remain engaged, learn effectively, and have ample opportunities to connect with … Continued

components platform

7 core components of an Internal Developer Platform

In this article, we will outline 7 core components that we believe are indispensable in an Internal Developer Platform. For each one we will show the real underlying problem, and how the component responds to it. The world of software development is constantly and rapidly changing. New technologies emerge every day to solve problems that slow … Continued

platform economy

Platform Economy: why you need a modular IT architecture

The Platform Economy is probably the most effective technological and organizational phenomenon, especially for companies aiming for internationalization. Indeed, the modularity of platforms allows any type of organization to gain the agility and resilience required to forge more and more collaborations with strategic partners and to compete with far more structured and established competitors in … Continued

Platform engineering

Platform Engineering 101: all you need to know to get started

Digital platforms are shaping a new way to provide services and engage their users. Thanks to them, it is possible to offer an omnichannel experience to customers, reaching all the touchpoints by which they interact with the company. Thus, the organization can take advantage of these opportunities to create new business models. Given their widespread use, … Continued

Digital Reading tips

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem: a Curated Reading

Understanding the Digital Revolution: Key Insights from Leading Thinkers on Platform Economy, Digital Transformation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The digital age has revolutionized the way we live and work, transforming business models and societal norms. To navigate this rapidly changing landscape, it’s essential to understand the mechanisms driving this transformation. Here’s a curated list … Continued


DDD in the data world

I’ve always said that DDD has at its core principles the way to approach the problem by starting from the business needs, and now I find myself writing that DDD deals with how to collect data? Speaking of modern architectures, one of the key strategic patterns of DDD, the Bounded Context, has always been linked … Continued

market platform

What is the Platform Economy? The market metaphor

Let’s start with a perhaps trivial but quite clear example: since human civilization began to produce goods and services, the need to exchange these products arose. It is the basic law of supply and demand in which the concept of the market plays a fundamental role. Without looking at the sophisticated mechanisms of financial markets, … Continued

digital products

Creating digital products in a Digital Ecosystem

“A digital platform serves as a meeting point between service providers and users: thanks to the ability to abstract the underlying technological and organizational complexity, it indeed promotes collaboration among different organizations and operational units, as it allows multiple service providers to share and integrate their offerings. This leads to the possibility of creating new … Continued

Digital Ecosystems

A digital ecosystem is a complex, interconnected environment where users, services, and data interact to create a constantly evolving landscape that drives innovation, collaboration, and user engagement. Organisations that effectively manage these core elements can unlock significant value and achieve a competitive advantage in the digital age.